What is an Untrodden Story?

Untrodden Stories are meant to highlight and celebrate what makes the experiences you facilitate so special. They are stories of the magical parts of the world that you know best. They are tales of the remarkable people that can be encountered in these places. 

A Story is an opportunity to show our travelers what makes you special. They show the traveler what to expect when traveling you. And they stoke a deep sense of wanderlust, inspiring our readers to leave home and join you on an adventure. 



What form do they take?

We encourage you to write Stories in whatever way you think best evokes the emotion and feeling of your experiences you offer and the land they occur on. A few examples could be:

  • An inspiring personal anecdote – either yours or one from your clients. 
  • A long form description of the experience you offer. 
  • A description of the local cultural customs - to both inspire and educate our travelers 
  • A local insight – show your knowledge and share a place that only a local could know. 
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