What is an Untrodden Journey?

Untrodden Journeys are multi-day experiences — designed by inspiring locals and experienced travelers — that expose guests to nature-rich wonders, rural communities, and life beyond the beaten path. They take the traveler far from the crowds and the guidebooks, and immerse them in awe-inspiring landscapes where wilderness endure.

Untrodden provides an opportunity for anybody with a deep knowledge of wild places and unique, nature-based communities to generate meaningful income and share their love for these places. 

We support everything from retreats and workshops to small group tours and do-it-yourself itineraries. Some of our travelers yearn for active adventure, while others yearn for relaxation, gentle immersion in nature, and meaningful cultural exchanges.  

Who can create a Journey?

Why Untrodden?

At the heart of Untrodden is a community of travelers yearning for a new, more meaningful and authentic form of travel. A type of travel that is locally-sourced, off-the-beaten-path, and unique.

By listing on Untrodden, you can be sure that the travelers you host are thoughtful, respectful, and eager to learn. 

Furthermore, Untrodden donates 5% of profits — the highest in the industry to environmental conservation and community-driven causes. Let us know if there is a specific non-profit organization benefitting your community or region directly, and we would be thrilled to support it. 

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