Welcome to Untrodden! We are honored to be partnering with you, and are excited to get you in front of our passionate and adventurous community of travelers. 

We have empowered you with the tools needed to drive your own bookings. To help you along the way, we have compiled our top tips for maximizing the bookings you'll receive through Untrodden...

Step 1: Upload a profile image and a biography 

If people are going to trust you to lead them into foreign lands, they will want to see your face and learn a little bit about what makes you (or the company you work for) qualified and exceptional.

Step 2: Upload a Journey with at least 5 good photos

Imagine yourself as the traveler. What would you want to see if you deciding to book your experience for the first time? Some ideas for good photos:

  • Where the traveler will be sleeping — This is a zoomed-out, horizontal shot of the lodge, tent spot, cabin, bed, or whatever it may be.
  • Landscape — Views, vegetation, flora, animals or wildlife
  • People + activities on the land — Petting horses, hiking, swimming, etc.


Step 3: Get Reviews

We have found that our suppliers with reviews receive over 200% more bookings on Untrodden than those that do not have any. 

In the age of user reviews, it is hard to earn the trust of a user without them. If people are going to trust you to take them into the wilderness, they will need to be sure you are legit. User reviews are the only way to prove that. 

And more so, reviews are an opportunity not only to show that you are competent, but that you are exceptional. You have facilitated incredible and unforgettable experiences, and deserve to be recognized for that. 


Step 4: Add Stories

Untrodden Stories are meant to highlight and celebrate what makes the experiences you facilitate so special. They are stories of the magical parts of the world that you know best. They are tales of the remarkable people that can be encountered in these places. 

A Story is an opportunity to show our travelers what makes you special. They show the traveler what to expect when traveling you. And they stoke a deep sense of wanderlust, inspiring our readers to leave home and join you on an adventure.

Step 5: Let your community know

Post about your Untrodden listing on Facebook, in local Facebook groups, Instagram, Twitter, and more. Be sure to tag any friends, family, or friends of friends who might be interested in joining you on an adventure.

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