Untrodden is a travel platform for curious explorers who yearn for...

  •  a deeper connection to the natural world, and
  • a richer understanding of the perspectives of traditional, nature-based cultures, 

We connect our travelers to the guides and organizations that can facilitate immersive experiences to nature-rich places and the remarkable communities that live in harmony with those places. 

What we do for you:

As a partner, we will put your Experiences in front of an audience of passionate explorers who are eager to learn from your land and your perspective. 

Untrodden travelers are defined by a deep love for nature and an appreciation for communities that have learned to live in harmony with that land. They are curious and respectful, driven by a desire to learn from wild places and different ways of being human in this world.

We give you the tools and infrastructure to consult directly with the travelers who have expressed interest in the type of experiences you facilitate

You will have the ability to sell pre-packaged experiences, as well as the tools needed to create fully-customizable, bookable itineraries.

By joining Untrodden, you’ll be participating in a radically different approach to tourism, as we dedicate 5% of profits to environmental conservation causes and the formation “destination stewardship councils” — nurturing long-term conservation and regeneration.


Why we do what we do:

We believe people only care for what they love, and they love only that which they have experienced directly. By connecting people deeply with nature, and immersing them in cultures that are intimately rooted in the natural environment, our mission is to create a community of stewards for our beautiful and sacred world.

By facilitating immersive journeys to nature’s frontiers, we aim to not only redefine our relationship with the environment to one marked by respect and harmony, but also to empower and celebrate cultures who live in a sustainable relationship with their surroundings and who have long been ignored, neglected, and worse.

We hope that you join us in this mission. Get started here. 

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