Welcome to the Untrodden!

We are thrilled to bring you on as one of our Travel Experts and connect you directly with our community of passionate and curious travelers -- giving you the tools and the audience you need to create and facilitate meaningful custom travel experiences.

The first step is to build out an Expert Profile that tells the story of who you are, the places you know best, and what makes the experiences that you offer so unique and special.

We have built a first-of-its-kind Instagram integration that helps start this process for you -- the integration will analyze your Instagram profile, sort the photos that you have taken around location, and seed your profile with Untrodden Stories around these images. 

With all your content now hosted on your Expert Profile, you have the option to edit these Stories. Add photos, add long form narratives and additional captions to provide context, or just keep them as they are in photo collection form. 

These Stories are the perfect first step to show Untrodden Travelers where you have been, the places you know best, the activities that get you excited, and where you can take them. Get creative, inspire, and help interested travelers understand why you are the perfect Expert to help organize their next journey. 

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