Enliven the soul

To encourage and facilitate discovery, exploration, and transformation among roads less traveled, thus invoking a sense of curiosity, awe and wonder, eliciting a heightened level of understanding and awareness, and enlivening the soul.


Fuel for wanderlust

We are fuel for wanderlust and an antidote to soulless travel. We celebrate and support the urge
to explore the world’s overlooked and hidden wonders by empowering curious travelers to discover & book unique, experience-rich accommodations in “off-the-beaten-path” locales, near or far. 

By facilitating “untrodden travel”, we aspire to:

  1. shift the flows of travel away from the mainstream core and into the periphery, thus catalyzing more sustainable and resilient host communities relative to mass tourism;
  2. incite a meaningful sense of inspiration, enrichment and fulfillment in our travelers.

We endeavor to make the properties we profile more accessible and approachable, via the power of distributed technology, while respecting and sustaining the unspoiled resources and unique culture that fundamentally make them so appealing in the first place. 

In hopes of catalyzing conservation and a more sustainable form of tourism, we allocate 5% of
net proceeds to local environmental and cultural initiatives — the strongest pledge in the industry.


For explorers by explorers

We are a company made up of curious explorers and adventurers. While we love all forms of travel, and there are few places we wouldn’t go, journeying to rural locales that are beyond the beaten path — places that are out of the way or overlooked by mainstream travelers — invariably leaves the greatest, most powerful impression on us. It’s where we feel most alive. 

Such travel introduces into our lives a refreshing dose of uncertainty, serendipity, and curiosity — all the more rare in the modern age — which enlivens and provokes us to investigate more thoroughly that which we thought we already knew. 

Most importantly, it facilitates a deeper, more personal, more experiential form of travel which we believe profoundly reshapes our relationship with the people and places we encounter along the way — enabling us to engage more directly with our surroundings, cultivating a deeper level of understanding, and inciting a powerful feeling of connectedness that is all but impossible to achieve when part of a crowd, among the masses, or on well-trafficked paths. After all, “the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”  


The ‘post-tourist’

Untrodden is for independently-minded travelers who seek authentic and unique experiences and are averse to the mass-produced, homogenized, and cookie-cutter. Inherently curious about the world around them, our travelers welcome the itch to discover and explore with arms wide open, and long for a heightened sense of connection and understanding. They dream of leaving behind their urban dwellings behind, disconnecting from the world (or dare we say “reconnecting with”) in exchange for a simpler yet richer environment where the soul is alive and awake. 

Because finding the world’s best, “off-the-beaten-path” accommodations is a daunting, time-consuming, and frustrating process, our hardworking team of passionate travelers, writers, and developers felt compelled to act. We constantly and obsessively scour the world for inspiring and original places to stay, and have designed our digital marketplace so as to showcase and celebrate those properties that most appeal to the wanderlust in us all. 

We aim to weave together the world's most inspiring, authentic, and remote destinations — on all seven continents — into a delightful discovery and booking experience, so as to inject the romance, excitement, and serendipity of exploration back into travel.


Handmade Hospitality

Untrodden is embodied by unique dwellings among the world’s hidden wonders  — from small, lodges, inns, B&B, and homestays to self-catered cabins, cottages, and shelters.  Far from simply a ‘roof and a bed,’ each evokes a strong emotional response from its guests. 

While our properties serve to inspire, nurture, and energize their inhabitants, they are far from insulating. Fundamentally, they act as bridges to that which beckons beyond their walls — anchors or basecamps that enable a visitor to connect in a meaningful and profound way with its surroundings — whether that be a landscape, a community, or a unique way of life. 

While every one of our curated accommodations is individually-distinct, and ranges broadly across pricepoint, geography, and underlying experience, each is:

  1. OFF-THE-BEATEN-PATH: feels “beyond” and “far away,” regardless of location;
  2. LOCALLY-INSPIRED & HARMONIOUS: is influenced by and compliments its community and surroundings, from its local climate & topography to its culture & heritage;
  3. EXPERIENTIAL: encourages guests to actively immerse themselves in its surroundings;
  4. INDEPENDENT: is independently-owned or operated;
  5. SMALL-SCALE: “small-batch” and artisan in essence, thus retaining a personal, detail-oriented, and “handmade” feel;
  6. CHARACTER-RICH: has a unique sense of personality, soul, originality, and authenticity that reflects those behind the property;
  7. UNASSUMING: conveys a general attitude that is lacking in pretense;


“National Geographic for the 21st century”

We imagine a world where the flows of travel become decoupled and distributed from the mainstream core into the periphery, thus catalyzing more sustainable and resilient host communities relative to mass tourism. 

We’re purpose-driven, and dedicate 5% of all net profits to conservation causes in our host communities — the highest pledge by a for-profit company in the industry.    

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